"The Best Hand on the Ranch"












Horse Feeder

• 32” Feed Trough Height

• 4 feed stations can accommodate 8 horses

    (equal amount of feed per station)

•Calms Horses Down with Less Anxiety

•Creates a Horse Friendly Environment


Livestock Feeder

• 19” Feed Trough Height

• Feed Sheep, Goats, Cattle

  Ponies, Donkeys.


Sheep/Goat Feeder

• 12” Feed Trough Height

• Feed Sheep and Goats



Feeder Details


•12 volt system with solar panel and remote control

•Hinged lid with struts

•Slides in standard truck bed

•Skid feature offers maneuverability

•”The Timer” (Programmable up to 6 feed times daily)

•Approximately 1 lb per second

•No retained feed funnel system

•Removable blinders and removable hinged kick panels

•Livestock cannot access bulk feed in hopper


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“The Best Hand on The Ranch”

The Feed Rangler™ by MB Ranch King™ is the finest automatic pasture feeder on the market, period! It’s unique design and it’s solid steel construction assures you  a piece of equipment that will last for years. It’s rugged good looks are something you will be proud to showcase in your pasture or paddock for all your friends and fellow ranchers to see.


The Feed Rangler™ is guaranteed to save you time and money and will give you the peace of mind that your animals are being fed consistently day after day like clockwork at predetermined intervals. The Feed Rangler™ eliminates the worry when traveling or circumstances leave you unable to personally feed your herd.


You will immediately see calmer, more relaxed horses when using The Feed Rangler™ without the usual anxiety that happens at feeding time. Our patented panel and blinder system eliminates aggressive behavior from dominate horses which creates a safer, healthier, happier herd at the trough.


Rain or Shine, Sleet or Snow The Feed Rangler™ will show you why it is “The Best Hand on The Ranch”


Our Guarantee of our Quality of Materials, Workmanship and Service allows us to guarantee our feeders 100% for customer satisfaction.  If Expectations are not met, we will repair, replace or refund at no expense to the customer.


MB Ranch King/Owner

Mark Bogart


How does the Feed Rangler™ operate?

The Feed Rangler™ operates on a 12 volt battery timer system with a solar panel back up. (THE TIMER - It is a digital programmer.) Begin by setting the digital clock, program your feed times, up to SIX times per day, Up to 30 seconds per feeding. (Approx. 1 LB per second - Depending on feed types.)


How often can I feed?

You may feed up to six times per day, Up to 30 seconds per feeding. The system does feature a remote control which operates up to 150 yards away from the unit.  once times are programmed in the unit it will feed each day at the designated times until the unit is empty.


How much can I feed at a time?

You may feed for ONE second, up to 30 seconds. the unit feeds about 1 LB per second.  To ensure accurate feeding, you may feed for 5 seconds, weigh the dispensed feed to get an accurate weight om dispensed feed


How is the Feed Rangler™ made?

The Feed Rangler™ is made in Texas with quality US Products.  The unit is an all steel product which will yield years of stress free service.  The Feed Rangler™ is designed for dry pellet feeds, it will not feed large cubes or textured feeds.


How much feed will the Feed Rangler™ hold?

The Horse model of the Feed Rangler™ is offered in a 500 LB capacity unit.  The Livestock model can be made in a 500 LB or 1,500 LB unit.


What Livestock can I feed with the Feed Rangler™?

The Feed Rangler can feed horses, donkeys, mules, bulls, cattle, sheep, and goats.






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